Special Agility Games

Each organization may provide competitions in specialty agility games. Some of these test a subset of agility skills, some put a premium of certain skills (like the dog being able to take direction from a distance), and others allow teams to tailor their strategy (and the obstacles they perform) to their particular strengths.

Jumpers With Weaves

Just jumps of all sorts and weave poles. No contact obstacles. There may be tunnels.


Just lots of tunnels, one after another, in interesting patterns. Dog (handlers not welcome) must enter the correct end of the correct tunnel each time.


Obstacles are assigned point values. The object is to collect as many points as possible in the opening portion of the game. Then, a whistle blows and the competitors must complete the "gamble": a fixed sequence of obstacles which the dog must complete while the handler remains behind a line marked on the field. The distance of this line from the gamble obstacles increases with the level of competition, as does the intricacy of the gamble sequence.


Similar to Gamblers, in that there is an opening "freeform" portion of the course followed by a fixed portion. In both, the the competing team tries to maximize its score by negotiating obstacles of designated point values. But in Snooker, the first obstacle (and every second obstacle thereafter) must be a jump of a designated color, usually red, and each of these jumps can only be taken once. Also, the closing sequence in Snooker is not set off from the opening sequence by a whistle, and the handler does not have to work the final sequence at a distance from the dog.

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