Who is Cayenne?

Cayenne Pepper is a red merle Australian Shepherd. She weighs about 35 pounds, is full of drive, and is lithe and sassy. While she excels at agility sports, her favorite activity is french kissing the unwary.

Cayenne is registered with the AKC as Oxford's Cayenne Pepper. Her father, Bud, is a fiery herder and agility performer. He won the Most Versatile Aussie title at the 1997 ASCA Nationals. Her mother, Randi, is more laid back. Both of her parents are Oxford Ranch dogs.

Cayenne is at the small end of the Aussie spectrum. Long and lean, she's a speed demon, running at a ground-hugging blur.

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Cayenne's Agility Legs and Titles

Cayenne is a driven working dog who loves to turn her athleticism and drive to the sport of agility.

(Although she doesn't compete in herding trials, she's been tested for herding instinct and drive. She likes to work the sheep right up in their faces. She's quick enough to work in close and still cut them off if they break.)

Cayenne has the following agility titles:

  • AKC: AX (Agility Excellent), AJX (Excellent Agility Jumpers), AFO (Agility FAST Open)
  • USDAA: ADCh (Agility Dog Champion), RCh (Relay Champion), SCh (Snooker Dog Champion)
  • NADAC: EAC (Elite Agility Certificate), EJC (Elite Jumpers), OGC (Open Gamblers)
  • CPE: CL4 (Level 4 in Standard, Handler, Fun, and Strategy) Fun Games)
  • ASCA: RAS-E (Regular Agility Standard-Elite), JAS-E (Jumpers Agility Standard-Elite)

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