n. pl. hog·ger·ies
1. A place where hogs are kept or raised.
2. Hoggish character or manners; selfishness; greed; beastliness.

"Crime and shame
And all their hoggery."
- Mrs. Browning. (Webster's Dictionary)

Our Goal

hoggery.org is a place to share information about the natural history, social history, industrial history, behavior, and humane raising of hogs.

It's also a place for tracking legislation and public policy on hog-raising.

Hog Radio

This website is the online companion to a new radio project by Rusten Hogness.

Rusten has other new projects in the works:

  1. chickanery.org and
  2. gleaningstories.org

An older radio project is California Bird Talk.

A more personal site is doggery.org.

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