Notes of a Sportswriter's Daughter
by Donna Haraway

© Donna Haraway

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Personals Column

December 29, 2003
Dear dog friends,

Ms C. Pepper did very well on Sunday at TRACS. We missed Qs in both Excellent A Standard and JWW because of 1 refusal in each, both caused by my ambiguous cuing. She was 12 seconds under Ex A standard course time in JWW, but I caused a refusal ON THE LAST JUMP. That was painful! A tiny, little, minuscule hesitation, but at the wrong place and the judge was, alas, looking. I'm sure perfection is in my future, just not sure when!

Meanwhile, I read a troubling ad in the personals column of the local newspaper: "Olympic quality dog seeks adequate handler. Inquire discreetly at - our phone number!" She wouldn't do that, would she?

Threatened with abandonment,

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