Notes of a Sportswriter's Daughter
by Donna Haraway

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April 1, 2002
Dear indulgent dog friends,

Cayenne Warrior Princess got her Novice Agility Certificate in the North American Dog Agility Council on Saturday! We worked hard for that one. She's a crowd pleaser whether we run accurately or not-speed & athleticism are all in her lexicon. I, of course, like the runs when we are both doing the same course and not indulging in independent course design, each without regard for the judge's version, or in casual jump bar demolition or tunnel hopping. Sunday, I was convinced Cayenne is really a Wobblie organizing an anarchist strike against accurate performance of the contact obstacles. No sooner had we started running at the Open level than she popped every contact, maybe hitting one or two by accident, but surely not by her devious intention.

Speaking of tunnel hopping, Saturday we also got a clean run Q and 4th place in "Tunnelers", a new NADAC game. That 4th place was in relation to all the 20-inch category dogs, even the Elite crowd. We were fast, and she was on with her 'lefts' and rights'. Thrilling, to tell the truth.

I remain firmly in love with this canine demon. Good thing.

Next agility stop is Power Paws Camp, May 6-10. It's fortunate I can call all this research for publishing "Notes of a Sports Writer's Daughter." I hope the IRS agrees...

As they wisely say, "Shut up and train!"

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